Show us your sheds!

There is no limit to what people can do with their shedsThere is no limit to what people can do with their sheds
There is no limit to what people can do with their sheds
How times have changed! Sheds used to house garden tools, tins and tubs of paint and pesticide, and a million spiders.

Now the humble garden shed has become a summerhouse. It’s an extra room to the house; an extension of your personality; a haven.

According to the Waltons Great British Shed Survery, 97 per cent of Scottish shed owners say their sheds make them happy.

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So we’d love to see what you’ve done to your shed. Send your photos to [email protected]

For “sheddies” (people who love their shed), the shed is much more than a place to store gardening tools - it’s the ultimate retreat. In Scotland, 54 per cent of people surveyed say they love their shed so much they’d happily spend a country break staying in one and 21 per cent say they would even live in their shed.

Shed owners in Scotland eagerly anticipate the time they spend in their sheds: 36 per cent say it’s better than going to the pub, and 60 per cent say it’s better than doing almost anything in the house, though only three per cent prefer ‘shed time’ to sex, which is half the national average.


Be it a ‘she shed’ or ‘man cave’, for 59 per cent of shed owners in Scotland, the garden shed is a haven from the pressures of daily life. Twenty-three per cent of Scottish sheddies use their shed to spend time away from partners – nearly double the national average, with others using it as a secret hidey hole for chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, and even love letters from exes.

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Some sheddies north of the border even admit that their sheds are the perfect place to hide to avoid washing the dishes or doing the ironing.


Far from the damp draughty stereotype, the modern garden shed often has all the mod cons. Most sheddies surveyed have electricity in their sheds, 23 per cent have heating, and 33 per cent have WiFi.


Forty-seven per cent of Scottish sheddies go to their shed to relax, with 22 per cent playing music and 14 per cent meditating. Other sheddies retreat to their garden hideaway for dinner, to watch a film, read, write, sleep, and even to enjoy a sauna.

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