‘Silver service’ forsteelmens’ statue

Aria - a classic statue galvanised in Cumbernauld.Aria - a classic statue galvanised in Cumbernauld.
Aria - a classic statue galvanised in Cumbernauld.
A Cumbernauld firm has volunteered to make a vital contribution to an iconic statue commemorating North Lanarkshire’s steel workers.

Fundraising is currently underway for a memorial statue to honour the steelmen who were the mainstay of Lanarkshire industry.

And Cumbernauld company Highland Colour Coaters will be galvanising the structure for free - preserving it from rust and ensuring it remains in pristine condition for generations.

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The firm thinks it is fitting that a company based in North Lanarkshire whose stock in trade is large-scale galvanising – often on huge and complex projects – should assist such a project.

Managing director Geoffrey Cowley said: “It involves immersing the metal in a tank of molten zinc heated to 45o degrees, and we are pleased to be able to make this sort of contribution.

“Galvanising is what we do, and among other structures we were responsible for galvanising the well-known Andy Scott statue Aria in Cumbernauld.”

It will be a permanent reminder of the contribution they made to their communities, and also a memorial to the significant number who were killed or injured in the course of their often dangerous work.

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The top quality coating would otherwise represent a significant extra cost for the statue project, and Highland Colour Coaters hi-tech gift has brought the whole process an important step forward to completion.

Meanwhile despite tough financial times the enthusiasts driving the scheme – planned for the former Ravencraig site – have been buoyed by the support from politicians and trade unions.

Terry Currie, the former British Steel man who chairs the Steelworkers’ Memorial Fund committee, said: “We want to put up a fitting memorial which is respectful to those we want to remember – and at the same time be in keeping with the environment of an ultra modern development which Ravenscraig will ultimately become.”

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