Sneak in thefts

A DWELLING house on Lambie Crescent was victim to a sneak in theft on late Wednesday night.

Entry to the Newton Mearns home was gained via an insecure front door and the perpetrators stole mobile phones, computer equipment and two sets of car keys.

Subsequently they also stole both cars which were parked in the driveway.

A short time later another sneak in theft occurred on Corran Ave, Newton Mearns which is only a few streets away entry was gained also through an insecure front door. A mobile phone and cash was stolen from this house.

Local authority liason officer Sergeant Susan Gillon told The Extra: “I would appeal to all residents of Newton Mearns to ensure that they lock and secure both there houses and vehicle windows and doors at all times when not in use.

“Also please ensure that any high value goods including car keys are not left in full view, for example on window sills. “This type of crime is distressing for residents and can be avoided by taking simple precautions.

“If you see anybody acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood please contact local police on 0141 532 5700, where possible take a note of clothing wore and any vehicle registration numbers used.

“If you require any further crime prevention advice please visit our web site or contact your local office”.