Snooker funding plea

A SNOOKER hall on Victoria Road is to become home to two of the world's top- ranked snooker players.

Reigning world champion John Higgins and world number two Stephen Maguire will be based at the newly-opened Q Club.

One of the owners believes that the professionals being there will attract more southside youngsters.

Lake Sharma told The Extra: "There is an enthusiasm from junior players because we have two of the top-ranked players under one roof.

"Watching them is like being hypnotised.

"It's a shame that up and comers have to be supported by private clubs like ourselves. Funding from the government is clearly lacking".

John Higgins – who is provisionally ranked world number one –

told the Extra: "Every sport under the sun is getting money from the lottery and sportScotland.

"Snooker is a sport where our country is actually good at but we get nothing.

"There are promising players at this club but if they are going to continue on that path they deserve support".

Mr Higgins training partner – world number two Stephen Maguire – echoed his rival's sentiment.

He told The Extra: "The facility is excellent – but being a private club it's a further reminder that the sport has never been supported.

"But all we can do is keep plugging away and help anybody we can. If John and I aren't playing each other, we'll happily play against young local members and pass on advice".

SportScotland has blamed the sport itself for the lack of funding.

A spokeswoman told The Extra: "Until we are satisfied that appropriate governance is in place, we will be unable to consider financial investment.

"We will continue to work together with Scottish Snooker towards a resolution to this issue in the best interest of the sport of snooker".