Southside cops issue festive safety message

POLICE Scotland has launched an awareness campaign aimed at helping keep people safe during the festive period.

Whether its an office party or Christmas shopping, the police force has issued tips to ensure that your festive fun doesn’t end in disaster.

Sergeant Willie Eadie, community police for Glasgow southside, told The Extra: “Above all we want everyone across Scotland to enjoy themselves during the festive period and have a happy and safe time.

“Taking a few simple steps when planning a night out or looking after valuables while out shopping can ensure people stay safe this Christmas.

“These tips can make all the difference so that everyone can be Shop Safe and Party Safe throughout the festive period.”

When out to play, officers advise planning ahead, staying with friends and watching how much you drink — taking care not to leave drinks unattended.

Keep valuables with you at all times, and use a licensed taxi, public transport or a lift from someone you know — never take shortcuts through isolated areas to get home, and always walk facing traffic.

If you think someone if following you, cross the street, and if it continues then find a pub or busy place and contact the police — avoid using phone boxes.

Always check that your taxi is licensed, and from the company you ordered from — ask for the booking name, rather than volunteering it.

If you are returning home, ask the driver to wait until you are inside.

When out and about shopping, look after your bags and valuables, and only withdraw the money you need, putting it into your wallet or bag before leaving the cash machine.

Keep PIN numbers hidden, and ensure that gifts aren’t left in plain sight when you leave your car.

Don’t attract attention to your mobile phone, and ensure it has a security lock on it — if it is lost or stolen, report it immediately to police and to your service provider.

Find out more at, or by following your local station on Twitter.