Southside festival

REVELLERS south of the river were in a party mood at the weekend when it was fiesta time in Queen's Park.

This year's southside festival was bigger than ever with almost 15,000 people attending on Saturday alone.

Organisers say the event at the glasshouse and recreation ground was especially successful thanks to the warm weather.

Chair of the 12-strong festival steering group Andrew Montgomery, says he's "proud of what's been achieved".

The 40-year-old finance director told The Extra: "It's the largest community-organised festival in Glasgow. Every penny we raise goes into the event and to make people enjoy themselves".

The Shawlands man added: "The challenge is to improve year on year and continue to showcase the great mix of people and talents in the area".

Art in the park was a particular success with thousands of people passing through and braving the heat in the glasshouse to view work by local artists.

Festival-goers were also able to act as judges for the Queen's Park performance space.

The top ten best ideas chosen by experts were on show and hundreds of locals voted on which one they thought was best, with the winner being chosen to fill the space of the old bandstand.

Local musicians were also showcased with the glasshouses, the main stage in the recreation ground and Queen's park bowling club all acting as venues throughout the festival.

Tam Alloch (60), who was in charge of music, said: "It was good to have local artists such as The Toi and the ID Parade playing, but it's also great we were able to bring in others from outside as well.

"Showcasing acts from beyond our patch brings people from other areas to the festival. It means they'll spend in the southside and south of the river will be recognised more".

Hannah McCloy (33), an administrator from Shawlands, told The Extra: "I was there with a bunch of friends, some of whom were playing at the festival and others just along for some fun in the sun.

"We had a great day and loved the new set up as it really felt like a festival in the city".

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