Spanish fireman saves baby from crashed car

A SPANISH fireman on a working holiday in Lanark dramatically found himself back on duty when he saved a baby from a crashed car in the town.

Now in his sixties, Manuel Vazquez Lopez is a volunteer firefighter in the Galician town he came here from for a three week exchange trip with the Lanark-based RSVP group, which organises voluntary work for retired and elderly Clydesdale citizens.

By chance Manuel, lodging with a Lanark family during his visit, was walking past the Braidfute Retail Park last Monday afternoon when a woman driver, carrying her baby in the rear seat, was involved in an accident at the roundabout, the vehicle ending up on its roof.

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Although Manuel hardly speaks a word of English, he instantly knew what the trapped mum's screamed pleas to save her one year old baby from the wreck before it caught fire meant.

For more information on this article, see this week's Lanark Gazette which is in the shops now.

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