Special day for youngsters as they make their First Holy Communion

St Barbara's CommunionSt Barbara's Communion
St Barbara's Communion
The sun shone last Sunday as 17 children from St Barbara’s primary school, in Muirhead, celebrated the landmark occasion of their first Holy Communion.

Youngsters from primary four joined friends, family and parishioners for a packed celebratory mass in the local parish church.

The children had been preparing for their big day for the last two months with special lessons from class teachers in the school.

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St Barbara’s parish priest Father Kenny Campbell said: “First Holy Communion is a great celebration in the lives of our young people.

“It’s an event that re-energises their spirituality and gives them strength to face the future, whatever this may hold for them.”

In his homily, Fr Campbell invited the children to consider that when they were small they ate different food from their parents but, as they grow, family food becomes the same and is shared.

He explained that Holy Communion has the same significance, welcoming the children into communion with the church.

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