Speed camera called for at school crossing

SCHOOL crossing patrollers working on Ayr Road have campaigned to have a defunct speed camera reinstated in a bid to slow speeding motorists.

The Newton Mearns lollipop men and women have been in contact with Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership, East Renfrewshire’s roads department, Police Scotland and various politicians since spring last year.

One crossing patroller — who asked not to be named — told The Extra: “We’ve asked why the speed camera next to the crossing can’t be reinstated, or even just a flash put into it as a deterrant. If it flashed, people would think about getting caught, and they’d slow down.

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“The response we got from the Safety Camera Partnership is that they can’t do anything until there have been crashes or casualties.

“We’ve approached councillors, and were told that MP Jim Murphy and MSP Ken Macintosh were interested in starting a campaign but nothing came of it.

“The safety of the kids is the main concern here. What if something was to happen?”

The patrol team report trying to step out in front of traffic travelling faster than the 40mph speed limit, as well as cars ignoring signals and trying to squeeze past on the busy road near Mearns Primary.

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Inspector Alan Dickson said that he was unaware of speeding complaints for Ayr Road, but added: “Speeding is on our agenda at the moment, so I will pass the information on to our dedicated traffic car.”

A council spokesman responded: “The speed camera is not operational, and in line with procedures, has been covered. The site is due to be de-commissioned and replaced by a vehicle activated sign.”

He added that recent speed surveys “did not highlight a speeding issue” in the area.