St Andrew’s Primary bottle up for charities

Four charities have benefited from an initiative that was devised to help a Cumbernauld school celebrate its 10th anniversary last year.

St Andrew’s Primary School in Eastfield Road presented its pupils with a bottle of apple juice last year, and they were tasked with fundraising as much as possible for charity.

Pupils were told to drink the apple juice and then use the bottle to collect 10p coins for charity to coincide with the 10 year anniversary theme.

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The youngsters were then instructed to return the full apple juice bottles to the school for money to be deposited into a large green bottle which was kept in the Headteacher’s room.

The large green bottle was then shown at the assembly and the children who had brought back their bottles were given a certificate.

St Andrew’s Primary managed to fill the large green bottle three times over.

The school had a celebration to recognise this achievement before the end of term.

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The pupils who collected 10ps in their apple juice bottles raised a massive £1,200 over the school year.

St Andrew’s Primary has decided to split the cash between four charities.

Those charities who are set to benefit include Lepra, Mary’s Meals, SCIAF and Strathcarron Hospice.

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