Street can get broadband for the first time in a decade

Residents on a North Lanarkshire street will finally be able to enjoy superfast broadband if their road is adopted by the council, 10 years after it was built.

Cllr John McLaren is angry at the lack of broadband in the area.
Cllr John McLaren is angry at the lack of broadband in the area.

Allison Place in Gartcosh was developed on top of a disused mine shaft and North Lanarkshire Council could not adopt the road from the developer due to safety concerns.

This meant people living there could not have broadband installed and the road was not maintained by the council.

Councillor John McLaren took the issue up in February and has just had confirmation from NLC that Allison Place will now be adopted, subject to final reports about the stability of the road.

He said: “Superfast broadband will now be installed.

“There was already a box there but they couldn’t take it across the road. The people had been moved in for 10 years and the road had never been adopted. Previously, it would have been totally irresponsible for the council to adopt this road as it would have cost millions.”

Alex Ramsay, assistant business manager of roads operations, said: “Conditions relating to the mine shafts were part of the planning permission and these have now been resolved.

“The developer has been asked to provide final drawings for the site which will then allow the roads to be adopted by the council.”