Survey shows Scots eat their way to happiness

A NEW survey has revealed that six out of 10 people in Scotland turn to cakes, sweets and chocolate when feeling stressed or in need of a mood boost.
Having our cake...and eating itHaving our cake...and eating it
Having our cake...and eating it

The study revealed that 58 per cent of Scots turn to cakes, sweets and chocolate when they are feeling stressed.

A total of 49 per cent of people questioned stated that when they want to lift their moods they eat ‘comfort food’ but only 30 per cent turned to friends or family to feel better.

And despite 12 per cent knowing that their mood lift from junk food is short-lived 27 per cent said that they turn to pizza, 40 per cent reach for crisps and 34 per cent opt for fast food.

Women are also twice as likely than men to buy their friends or colleagues sugary foods such as chocolate or biscuits to comfort them.

Clinical dietitian Dr Sarah Schenker said: “It’s shocking to see wholesome eating habits go out the window when we face a challenge in the day or a lull in a routine.

“This is when healthy eating is most important. We need to replace the short-lived highs we get from refined sugar and processed fat with healthier options and new long-term shopping and eating habits.”

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