Taxi firm loses licence

A CUMBERNAULD-based taxi firm was stripped of its licence last week after officials from North Lanarkshire Council visited its base with police last Thursday.

Eastfield Cabs has ceased operating after council licensing bosses refused to issue Licensee Kirsty Munro with the requisite paperwork – after police objected. It is unclear why officers advised the council against the re-issue.

Area Inspector Stevie Hazlett from Cumbernauld Police confirmed that officers had been involved and that an investigation had been undertaken into the company.

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As the licence was not re-issued the investigation is believed to have drawn to a close.

Meanwhile the Licensing Committee has shed further light on the process which led to the removal of the licence.

Head of Legal Services June Murray said: “Kirsty Munro applied for a licence for a taxi/private hire radio base trading as Eastfield Cabs. At a meeting of the Corporate Services (Licensing) Sub-Committee on 20 April 2010, this application was refused following an objection from Strathclyde Police.

“Kirsty Munro submitted an appeal but this was abandoned on 21 July 2011 and, therefore, the sub-committee’s decision to refuse the licence application stands so the company is unlicensed,” she added.

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However, in a fresh twist, it has now emerged that the firm has been subject to a buy-out by its staff.

It is now trading under the name 730009 and is working with the licensing board and police to ensure that business is completely above board.

Driver-turned-manager Kenny Weir told the News that he was sure that the new venture could succeed especially as he was receiving a lot of positive feedback about the move.

“We have had a lot of support from the police and the licensing board and we’ll continue to work with them to move things forward,” said Mr Weir.