The Kirkintilloch East election candidates in their own words

Still undecided how to vote in the General Election? Here's why the five candidates in the Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East ward think you should put an '˜X' next to their name.
General election 2017General election 2017
General election 2017

Stephen C Johnston


It would be the greatest privilege to represent the communities of Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East by providing an effective voice in our nation’s parliament.

As an army veteran, having served my country for the larger part of my working life, service is at the heart of everything I do. I believe in the shared values of our country and its people. 

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Unashamedly I put the constitution at the fore; we voted decisively in 2014 to reject nationalism and remain in the UK. However despite promising it would be a ‘once in a generation’ vote, the SNP are determined to push ahead with their separation plans regardless.

We said no, and we meant it. Our democratic will must be respected and it’s time the SNP accepted this. 

I am committed to making the best of Brexit. While it presents challenges there will also be opportunities, and I want our community to be first in line in seizing these opportunities.

Elisha Fisher


The values of fairness, equality and social justice were instilled in me while growing up and that’s why, as a teenager, I joined the Labour Party. I have since been involved in a range of voluntary pursuits empowering people within communities to achieve their objectives for a better-quality of life. Having campaigned for elected members previously, including the late Donald Dewar, I now feel it’s time to stand up and help others.

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Working within education providing support to children and families I am witnessing the impact of cuts to our public services. Education is declining, teacher numbers are down, hardworking families having to rely on foodbanks and Scotland’s economy continues to lag behind the rest of the UK.

Whilst the SNP obsess about another unwanted referendum, they are neglecting our communities. This area needs an MP that will prioritise the issues that really matter and that’s what I’ll do if elected on 8th June.

Rod Ackland

(Lib Dem)

All of the Kirkintilloch and Campsie part of this constituency is represented by Scottish Liberal Democrat councillors. Their focus is on local issues and I will support them wholeheartedly while working for national Liberal Democrat aims promoting democracy and giving people a choice to accept, or not, the Brexit deal which is still to be negotiated.

The EU is important for Scotland. Voting Liberal Democrat is the best way to tell Westminster that you want the UK to remain united and you want to decide to remain in, or leave, the EU – when you know what the deal will be.

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Stop the Conservatives in Scotland. As your local MPs, Jo Swinson and I will work hard to get fair taxation, fair welfare payments, good jobs, training and education at any age in an inclusive and welcoming country – where we live. Vote Liberal Democrat on the June 8.

Stuart McDonald


It’s been an honour to serve as MP for my home constituency.

Over these two years I’ve organised employment fayres to help residents find work; winter surgeries to assist residents with energy bills; welfare surgeries for people affected by Tory cuts; and a funders fayre to help local organisations access funding.

At Westminster, SNP MPs have been standing up for Scotland, providing effective opposition to an increasingly right-wing Tory Government. We’ve ensured our communities are heard in key debates.

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We’re determined to protect the state pension and social security; to invest in the NHS and other public services; and to lift people out of low wages.

Locally, Labour has spent too long in coalition with the Tories on East Dunbartonshire Council, while Labour MPs spend more time fighting their own party leader than standing up to Theresa May. So please vote SNP for a strong progressive local voice in Parliament.

Carl Pearson


UKIP looks to phase out tuition fees in the long run making it easier for all citizens to get an education not in accordance with their household income.

I and UKIP are fully opposed to another independence referendum. We were clear in 2014 when we voted to remain British.

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UKIP are against the named person’s scheme and find this to be a clear invasion of privacy by the state. We are set on bringing immigration down to the tens of thousands and then reducing net immigration to 0, this is not unheard of or impossible as the levels where well below this in pre 1997.

Many armed service personal have complained about the lack of funding and services available to our forces. UKIP would focus on rebuilding our armed forces and rewriting terms of service to make sure personal on duty overseas do not pay income tax.

UKIP will abolish the TV license and hospital parking fees.