The top cop on campus

WOODFARM high school’s campus cop has been nominated for a top award.

Marion McCallum has been put forward for officer of the year At the Strathclyde police excellence awards.

Chief inspector Alan Murray said: “The pupils, parents and staff at Woodfarm Secondary are well aware of the contribution Marion makes to the success of the school.

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“She is a fine example of how the expertise and dedication of individual police officers can really make a difference to the community they serve”.

East Renfrewshire education convener, councillor Alan Lafferty added: “This is a reflection on the excellent work of all of our campus police officers.

“Their work is a partnership between the council, schools and police and that is what helps make campus police officers work so well right across our area”

Her nomination has been given the stamp of approval by former pupil Usman Ali, who suffered from bullying during his time at school and has been campaigning against the problem ever since.

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The 20-year-old told The Extra: “My brother still attends the school and he believes she has made a huge difference.

“As secretary of Thornliebank parent council, I have witnessed first hand her passion and enthusiasm. She deals with problems immediately and is not afraid to tackle real issues at the school, such as bullying”.

East Renfrewshire continued to show its tough stance on the problem by unveiling a new anti-bullying policy.

Councillors will vote on the proposal — which is said to add more transparency — at the education committee today.

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Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh said: “Despite the improvements and investment we have made in our schools, bullying consistently remains one of the biggest issues raised by young people. 

“Bullying can irreparably scar young lives, damaging confidence and ambition, yet here are some simple but effective steps we can take to counter it.

“I congratulate East Renfrewshire council and local anti-bullying campaigner Usman Ali for the commitment and leadership they have shown in trying to eradicate bullying.”

A total of eleven of Mr Ali’s anti-bullying recommendations to the council’s education department have been accepted.