Thousands sign petition for toilet

A Milngavie man is delighted that he has collected 1,300 signatures for a petition which calls for proper public toilets in the town centre.
Gavin Templeton with petition for toilets.Gavin Templeton with petition for toilets.
Gavin Templeton with petition for toilets.

Gavin Templeton decided to test the strength of public feeling because he thought it was ‘ridiculous’ that Milngavie, which is the start of the West Highland Way, has no public toilet.

East Dunbartonshire Council put the former toilet block in Mugdock Road up for sale, aiming to save cash, and it is currently under offer. It had earlier been run by local traders, but that proved unsustainable.

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Until recently a public toilet was available in the local tourist information office, but was found to be inoperable because it wasn’t sound-proofed and created unacceptable smells - and the company running the site quit last month.

East Dunbartonshire Council says toilets at Milngavie Community Centre and the library and town hall are available for use during opening hours. However Mr Templeton says they are too far away for elderly folk, young children and West Highland Way walkers, who are often carrying aheavy rucksack.

Mr Templeton said: “This is a very distressing situation for elderly people who often have a problem with incontinence.

“They get very embarrassed if they have an accident. It’s also upsetting for young children, many of them use the playpark in the precinct and now there’s no toilet nearby for them.

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“They need to get there quickly or there’s a danger they may mess themselves.This is a health issue - not just a matter of inconvenience.”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The provision of public toilets in Milngavie has been an ongoing issue for a number of years and we have looked at a number of solutions against the backdrop of severe financial pressures.

“Discussions continue about providing a public toilet at the former Milngavie Information Centre premises.”nvolving colleagues in Tourism and Estates.”