Thugs hurl tile through windscreen in shocking attack

A DRIVER was hit in the face by his own rear-view mirror after thugs smashed his windscreen.

The 38-year-old man was hurt after vandals hurled a heavy roof tile from a footbridge.

The victim was travelling south on Springburn Road – near Springburn Police Office on Saturday, just after 5pm – when his car was hit.

A tile was thrown from a footbridge causing the windscreen to smash and the interior mirror to hit the driver on the face.

Police revealed they have received reports of youths throwing items from the bridge into the road.

A Springburn driver said: “There’s going to be a tragedy if they don’t stop this kind of behaviour. It really beggars belief.”

Anyone with information on this and similar incidents is asked to contact Baird Street Police office on 0141 532 4400.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident a 12-year-old boy was caught in possession of a firework.

The youngster was stopped by police in Acredyke Road, Balornock, on Friday, October 5, at around 7.35pm.

The boy is the third person under the age of 18 to be caught with a firework in the area in the last week.

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