Time for the flu jab

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde board members have rolled up their sleeves to promote the seasonal flu jab.

The vaccination programme is underway, and NHS staff are appealing to people eligible for it to sign up.

Board members — including East Renfrewshire councillor and non-executive NHS member Alan Lafferty — queued up at a meeting on Monday to receive theirs.

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Councillor Lafferty said: “Flu is a very serious illness and people with pre-existing conditions are especially vulnerable to flu.

“I would encourage as many people as possible to get their jab as it is the only protection against flu.

“It’s also especially important for NHS and social care staff to get their vaccination, as they often come into contact with very ill people and we should not take the risk of passing the flu virus onto people who are already very ill.”

The flu jab is open to anyone who suffers from a health condition, is pregnant, over 65 or works for the NHS.