Torrance is blooming marvellous

Poppies, cornflowers and an array of other flowers are providing a blaze of colour at the Kelvinbridge Roundabout in Torrance.

Created by East Dunbartonshire Council’s Streetscene Technical Support Team, this annual wildflower meadow is an uplifting sight for both local residents and commuters, while also providing a wildlife habitat for bees, butterflies and other nectar loving insects.

Councillor John Dempsey, Depute Convenor of the Neighbourhood Services Committee, is delighted with this result.

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He said: “I hope to see many other meadows like this created in East Dunbartonshire, not just for the residents but also to enhance our existing biodiversity.

“These plants will brighten up Torrance and the meadow is really attractive in summer. As well as attracting vital species of insects and butterflies to the area, the wildflowers will also help trap emissions from traffic. Meadows are very effective at trapping harmful pollutants and this is one

of the reasons the meadow has been created.”