Tory targets former foes in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth

The Scottish Conservatives have unveiled their first-past-the-post candidate for the Scottish Parliament election on May 5.

Anthony Newman has already started his campaign with a blistering attack on his rivals.

The Glasgow-based author and academic said he’ll be targeting voters in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth who feel let down by Labour but cannot bring themselves to vote for the Scottish Nationalist Party.

Mr Newman also believes there are no shortage of Unionists in this area and believes he is well placed to represent them.

He said: “I believe it is Labour’s ill-thought out devolution that has created significant regional conflicts across the United Kingdom.

And of the Scottish Nationalists, he added: “They simply want to tear the UK apart and have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to governing Scotland.

And he insists that he is not alone in his view among our readers.

He said:“I know there are many voters in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth who share this view.”

The would-be MSP also believes that the foundations are already well in place for a successful campaign, despite the fact that this constituency could hardly be called a bedrock of Conservatism.

He said: “I think for example Margaret Mitchell is doing an excellent job of representing the Conservatives in Central region.

“I feel that this is because the constituency often gets forgotten about at Holyrood and Westminster.

“Its direct representatives seem to place their focus and interests in more party political matters. I am keen to work with Margaret to give the constituency a stronger voice.”

When asked which other fellow Tories he admired, Mr Newman said: “I am a huge fan of our Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.

“She truly connects with people. She is an open-minded and a strong leader.

“I am a big believer of equality, diversity and social justice and I think Ruth embodies much of what I believe and I feel part of her team.”

Mr Newman lists his hobbies as cinema, swimming, walking in the Scottish countryside and relaxing at home “when I get the time.”