Cheapest places to park in Glasgow city centre, according to Parkopedia

Finding a cheap car parking spot in Glasgow can be a challenge.

Mitchell Street car park.

With a strong bus network, regular trains and a subway service, there are many forms of public transport which can get you into the city centre - but it can be a hassle for those who want to take the car.

Thankfully, this is where website Parkopedia comes in handy. It boasts a database of thousands of car parks around the world, and gives you the cost for parking in each one.

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So, here are the cheapest places to park in the city centre, according to Parkopedia.

Among the cheaper options are Buchanan Galleries - £3.80 for two hours/2000 spaces - and the St Enoch shopping centre - £3.80 for two hours/900 spaces - with both offering lots of spaces.

Nearby, the Jamaica Street car park - £4 for two hours/493 spaces - and Dunlop Street parking - £4.50 for two hours/124 spaces - are also good options.

There are also cheaper options for those willing to do a bit of walking. 88 Washington Street - £2 for two hours/100 spaces - and 15 Brown Street - £3 for two hours/150 spaces - are good options, although both require a 10 minute walk into the city centre.

You can find full details for parking in Glasgow HERE.