Glasgow parking: Where are new parking controls being installed and how much will they cost?

New paid parking bays are being installed in Glasgow’s West End, meaning motorists will have to pay to park - but what does it mean for residents, where are the bays being installed, and how much will it cost to park?

Glasgow City Council has been installing the new paid parking bays in North Kelvin and North Woodside since late 2021.

The local authority believes that these measures will help solve the current parking problem in this part of the West End and create more room for local residents to park.

What are paid parking bays?

As the name suggests, paid parking bays are parking bays which can be used by permit holders and motorists who are willing to pay.

It means that residents have room to park, while motorists or visitors to local homes can do so. Those with a disabled badge can also park in the bays without paying or time limits.

How much do they cost?

Shared use parking bays are available to non-residents to use between 8am-10pm, seven days a week.

There is a a maximum stay of three hours at a charge of 20p for 15 minutes for the first hour, then 40p for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Resident parking permits cost £85 per year or £23.75 quarterly, while business parking permits cost £650 per year. These have no time limits.

Residents’ visitors parking permits come at a cost of £2 for a set six hour period.

What streets are being included?

A number of streets within the West End have already been changed over to this new system.

The most recent update from Glasgow City Council says that works on Mount Street, Henderson Street, Dick Street, Fergus Court, Queen Margaret Court and Wilton Street between Queen Margaret Drive and No.259 have been completed.

Works on Queen Margaret Drive and Kelvinside Avenue were due to start this week, however, this had to be pushed back because of technical issues. These will be carried out when the issues are dealt with.

The next programmed works for Hotspur Street (south side) will commence from February 28 - March 2. Hotspur Street (north side) and Avenuepark Street are scheduled for March 2 - March 5.