Scottish Parliament committee to consider petition calling for M8 in Glasgow to be removed

A petition which calls for the removal of the M8 in the centre of Glasgow is to be considered by the Scottish Parliament.

An update on the controversial petition, which signed by more than 1500 people, is now to be considered by the Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee.

What is the petition?

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The petition, launched by social media account ‘replacetheM8’, is calling on Holyrood to urge to the Scottish Government to commission an independent feasibility study looking at reducing the impact of the M8 in the centre of Glasgow.

The section of motorway focused on by the petition is between the M74 and Glasgow Cathedral.

The petition wants the study to look at various scenarios, in particular the complete removal of the motorway and repurposing the land.

Why do they want the M8 removed?

The petition organiser states that the land currently occupied by the M8 could be repurposed, creating new buildings, parks and walkable streets.

One draft plan shows that new blocks - used for housing, businesses and shops - could be built on the section in Anderston and Charing Cross, while new parkland could be created along the northern section of the road.

The M8 would end at junction 15, next to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

What happens now?

A briefing for the committee argues that other major cities, such as Seoul and San Francisco, have successfully removed urban motorways.

The report states that the Scottish Government has not considered the removal of this section of the M8, however, it has committed to reducing car travel in Scotland.

It also states that the Scottish Parliament has not considered the removal of this section of the M8.