Barrier needed to cut the noise

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Thorniewood councillor Bob Burrows about is looking for feedback about an increase in noise from the M74 extension.

A number of residents complained that noise from the motorway had gotten worse and this situation has been exacerbated by trees shedding their leaves and no longer forming a natural barrier.

He is looking to collect enough evidence to prove that a permanent barrier is needed that doesn’t rely on the seasons.

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Councillor Burrows said: “A number of residents from Calderbraes, Tannochside, Lyynhurst, Spidlehowe and as far along New Edinburgh Road to West Avenue expressed a concern that the increased noise from the motorway extension was bad.

“Since then the trees that formed a barrier between our community and the M74 shed their leaves which has opened up the space and I believe the noise has gotten worse.

“I am keen to get feedback from the local community about how bad this is with an ultimate aim of getting some baffle boards or equivalent put up to reduce the noise.

“The M74 may indeed help the flow of traffic and people may get to their destination quicker but our community should not suffer high levels of noise pollution.”

Feedback can be made at Councillor Burrows’s Facebook page

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Meanwhile, Transport Minister Keith Brown has turned down Central Scotland list MSP Margaret Mitchell’s request for a review of the new lights at Junction 3a of the M74 which she believes are causing congestion.

However, he did admit contractors were looking into ‘technical issues’ with the system in a bid to improve matters.

Mrs Mitchell said: “I called for a full review of the system because many people would like to see the mini-roundabout restored.

“It is disappointing the Cabinet Secretary didn’t commit to carrying out that review, nonetheless I welcome the confirmation that Scottish Roads Partnership would look at further ways to relieve the issue.”