Milngavie Councillor hits out at "unacceptable" roadworks delay

A Milngavie councillor has hit out at the “unacceptable” delay to the completion of roadworks on a busy main street.

Councillor Jim Gibbons

The work being carried out by Scottish Gas Network (SGN) to provide a new gas connection in Main Street near its junction with Park Road, Milngavie, was supposed to take five days – and due to be completed on Friday, September 17.

But fed-up motorists were still facing lengthy delays as a result of a temporary traffic system this week, with the added frustration of little activity at the site.

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Councillor Jim Gibbons (SNP, Milngavie) said on Friday he had received a number of complaints from constituents and has raised concerns with the council’s roads department.

Councillor Jim Gibbons

He said: “The five days are up and the lights and ditch are still there with no sign of activity since the ditch was dug on Tuesday (last week).

"This is having a disproportionate effect on normal traffic movements.

“The junction is an air quality action monitoring area and I will be interested in the most recent readings at the monitoring station due to the standing traffic.

"The activity, or lack of it, in my view is unacceptable, and given thenumber of summer closures this year, the highest in my 15 years as acouncillor in Milngavie, there has never been a worse time for this.”

The works are taking place to install a gas connection with a new coffee shop which is setting up home in the former pavilion at Lennox Park.

Councillor Gibbons said: “I support the new venture in Lennox park but this situation has to be fixed as soon as possible and lessons learned as the people of Milngavie and surrounding areas have had enough.”

On Tuesday, Councillor Gibbons was told by a council official that there “appears to have been a miscommunication from within Scottish Gas Network in relation to the duration of the gas works in Main Street.”

As a result, SGN told the council that it would “endeavour to complete the works as soon a possible.”

Additionally, the council officer told Councillor Gibbons: “Officers are aware of your concerns and will monitor the situation and maintain contact with SGN as required.”