Plea to save vital bus service linking Robroyston and Glasgow

The people of Robroyston are being urged to sign an online petition to help save a vital local bus service between the area and Glasgow.

So far, the petition set up by local woman Andrew Graham, has attracted 1,508 signatures.

Andrea posted: “First bus have decided to discontinue the 19A local service between Robroyston and Glasgow. Robroyston is already a very deprived public transport area for the amount of residents. This bus is absolutely vital to my day to day living as it is for many people gaining access to North Glasgow Retail park/Asda. This route enables me personally to get access to my work and my doctor’s practice without problems.

“The replacement bus they are planning to put in place is the X2 which will only run from Monday to Saturday on an hourly basis, meaning there will be no bus service on Sundays. This is due to take place on the 27th of October 2019. This bus will run only between Robroyston and Buchanan bus station via the motorway. This means the route down Royston road will be axed completely, cutting off these people from gaining access to shops in the Robroyston area and vice versa to shops and businesses on Royston road.

“I think this is a very stupid idea on first bus’ part personally as someone who highly relies on this bus service I find it completely unacceptable. I understand that the new train station is in the works right now which will run to the city centre as well, so why do we need an express bus to the city centre in the first place?

“You can help by signing and sharing this petition with your friends and family over your social media platforms. The community has to come together to help save this bus service! I appreciate signatures towards keeping this bus running for those who rely on it. Thank you!”

You can sign here: