Use of technology can help people with dementia

Alzheimer Scotland is backing the CharterAlzheimer Scotland is backing the Charter
Alzheimer Scotland is backing the Charter
Journalist and TV presenter Sally Magnusson has launched the first Technology Charter for people living with dementia.

The Technology Charter is calling for dementia sufferer’s health and social care to “incorporate and promote” the use of technology, helping people with the condition to live healthier, safer, more active and more confident lives.

The Charter, launched today at the Scottish Digital Health Conference in the Strathclyde Technology and

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Innovation Centre in Glasgow, also seeks to raise public and professional awareness of how technology can enhance lives, promote independent living and assist and complement care and support.

Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health said: “I welcome the launch of the Technology Charter.

“Innovative uses of technology can greatly help people who are living with dementia and those who love and care for them.

“It can help people to live more safely and with a greater sense of independence.”

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The Charter, written by Alzheimer Scotland, NHS Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Tunstall and Tynetec, includes five key values.

These include that information and advice about technology are available in clear everyday language and in a variety of formats, and that routes and access to technology are ethical, equitable, simple, understandable and user-friendly.

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