VIDEO Kilsyth on song for the festive season

Kilsythians came together to sing in fine tune at a Christmas carol concert organised by the town’s Rotary Club.
Burngreen bandstandBurngreen bandstand
Burngreen bandstand

The festive event was held in the Burngreen Park bandstand on Monday, December 16.

The carol concert was led by the Croy Silver Band, who ensured that everyone was singing their hearts out to all the Christmas classics, old and new.

Kilsyth Rotary Club also provided those who attended the event with free soup and nibbles - which no doubt helped with the cold weather.

Burngreen bandstandBurngreen bandstand
Burngreen bandstand

Kilsyth Rotary Club have held their Christmas carol concert in the town for decades, and the event was only ever cancelled on one occasion because of bad weather.

Our photographer John Devlin attended the event and captured local families enjoying the festivities.

Kilsyth Rotary Club meet in the Coachman Hotel in the town every Thursday at 6.30pm.

For more information on the club and the activities they are involved in, visit their website

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