Warning over dodgy tyre work

TRADING standards officers in Lanarkshire are warning drivers to beware of dodgy tyres, following a “mystery shopper” exercise in the area.

Officers from North Lanarkshire Council’s trading standards team made undercover visits to 12 tyre dealers – including one in Cumbernauld – and bought part-worn tyres which were then examined by an expert. None of the tyres was up to the legal safety standard.

Of the tyres inspected, none met the legal requirement of being marked “Part Worn”. Two tyres had undergone sub-standard repairs and one was badly damaged and sold in an unsafe condition.

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In a further test, six of the tyres were then punctured and taken for repair. Four dealers carried out proper repairs while two of the repairs were done incorrectly and would have caused the tyre to fail quickly. Three dealers face prosecution while three others have been issued warnings.

Project leader Gregg Toner said: “In the current economic climate demand for cheap tyres is increasing.

Motorists must however, still be assured that any tyre fitted to their vehicle does not pose a risk to themselves, their passengers, other road users or pedestrians.”