Glasgow heatwave: city to be hotter than Barcelona and Athens today, says Met Office

Glasgow will be warmer than Athens and Barcelona today (Tuesday), as a heatwave continues to hit the UK.

Monday saw temperatures reach a high of 28 degrees and remain in the low twenties overnight, causing a lot of uncomfortable sleeps.

Good news for those who love the sun, and bad news for those who like cooler days - the temperature will be even higher on Tuesday.

Glasgow is warmer than Athens.

According to the Met Office, we will get a high of 29 degrees, with the best of the weather coming between 2pm and 4pm.

It will start to cool around 5pm, and we could even see some rain heading into the evening, with a 30 per cent chance of rain from 6pm onwards.

It will also be cooler overnight, with temperatures dropping to around 18 and 17 degrees.

For comparison, it will be just 28 degrees in Athens and Barcelona.