Glasgow heatwave: this is when Glasgow will be at its hottest, according to the Met Office

Temperatures in Glasgow are set to soar over the next two days.

The first ever Red Extreme heat warning has been issued by the Met Office, with temperatures of 40 degrees expected in parts of England.

Thankfully, while Glasgow will see a spike in temperatures, it will not be anywhere near as hot here.

It is expected that it will reach 28 degrees in Glasgow on Monday, with the best of the weather coming between 3pm and 6pm.

Temperatures are rising.

Do not expect a comfortable sleep tonight, however, as it could still be 21 degrees throughout the night.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the Met Office is forecasting temperatures as high as 29 degrees.

The best of the weather is expected at 3pm, although, unlike Monday, it should cool down pretty quickly as the evening approaches.

The temperature will drop back down into the high teens heading into the night.

It will be much cooler - although still warm - on Wednesday (19) Thursday (20) and Friday (18).