Glasgow weather: city to be warmer than Buenos Aires this week, says Met Office

Glasgow will be warmer than Buenos Aires this week, according to the Met Office.

Last week was, to put it mildly, wet. Considering we are reaching the height of summer, it was a tad disappointing for each day to come with a downpour.

But, thankfully, this week sees a return to clearer conditions.

While the Met Office is forecasting dull skies and clouds for the week, there are only a few spells of rain - Wednesday appears to be the only wet day all week.

Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires.

Temperatures will be in the high teens all week, reaching a high of 19 degrees on Thursday and Friday - warmer than Buenos Aires, the Argentinian capital, where it is just 14 degrees.

For more info on the weather in Glasgow, check out the Met Office website.