Weather: When will Glasgow will be at its hottest today? How hot will it get?

A mini-heatwave has hit Glasgow - but it won’t last for long.

What: After a weeks of grey skies and temperatures under 20°c, the sun has come back out with temperatures due to hit as high as 25°c, according to the Met Office.

When will it be at its hottest: Thinking of taking a stroll in the sun or breaking out a picnic, but need to know when the weather will be at its hottest? We’ve got you covered.

The temperature is due to continue rising throughout the day, before hitting a peak of 25°c at 4pm. It will stay at that temperature until around 7pm, when it will cool off.

How long will this mini-heatwave last: It’s due to get cooler tomorrow, with a peak of 21°c. It’ll be the same over the weekend, before dropping into the teens next week.

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