Westfield resident helped by MP

A POLITICIAN has helped a Westfield woman get moving again thanks to a dropped kerb.

Gregg McClymont MP recently visited Elizabeth Coulter, of Drumnessie Road, to inspect the dropped kerb which has made life easier for her.

Elizabeth had written to Gregg to thank him for helping get the kerb outside her home dropped after previous attempts had got nowhere.

Mrs Coulter said: “The dropped kerb has made a huge difference to my quality of life due to my long-running mobility issues. I would like to thank Gregg for all his hard work on my behalf. This will make all the difference in helping me get around more easily.”

Mr McClymont explained how he became involved in helping Mrs Coulter.

He said: “This issue first came to my attention during a roving surgery in Westfield. I am glad Mrs Coulter managed to get the result she wanted and I hope the dropped kerb makes things easier for Mr and Mrs Coulter.”

 Councillor Bob Chadha, who worked alongside Gregg in helping Mrs Coulter, added: “I was delighted to hear that the council was able to drop Mrs Coulter’s kerb and fit a stair lift. I hope this helps make things a little easier.” 

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