What-er challenging week for eco-kids

The pupils of Pollokshields Primary had a busy week celebrating the diversity of our planet during their Eco Week.

Pupils and staff shared their learning on a non- paper day by using whiteboards, games, discussions and interactive activities.

Primary 3 pupils presented an informative assembly about creative ways to save water.

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To encourage pupils to think about reducing the amount of water they waste, each class took part in a water challenge.

Teacher Susan Ewington, who is a member of the school’s eco committee, said: “They all got very wet as classes enthusiastically transported water from one end of the playground to the other, re-using milk cartons which were full of holes.”

Throughout the week pupils created poems to celebrate the animals and features on earth.

A prize was awarded to each class for their best ideas.

Primary 5 and 6 also presented information to parents, at assembly, to encourage all to reduce, re-use and recycle our litter.

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Ms Ewington said: “Parents were surprised to learn just how long some of our litter will take to decompose.

“Our litter will be on this planet long after many of us. The playground buddies met with youngsters from a local nursery to pick up litter in Maxwell Square Park. They did a fantastic job.”

Some green fingered gardeners from P2 and P3 weeded and then planted spring flowers in the playground planters.

Classes also took part in a quiz about Earth Hour.

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