Which region loves their shed most?

New research conducted on behalf of online garden building retailer, Waltons.co.uk, has found that Britain's 18-24 year olds are five times more likely to use their sheds for recreational activities than their parents and grandparents.

The survey revealed that Britain’s 18-24 year olds are nine times more likely to use their shed as a summerhouse than their parents, (those aged 45-54) who were more likely to use their garden building for it’s primary purpose.

Commenting, Aaron Ketland, a spokesperson for Waltons, said: “It’s surprising to see that more and more young people are choosing to use their garden buildings for leisure activities.

“When you think of a summerhouse, you think of your granddad spending time in the garden, using the space for his plants or for somewhere to get away from it all.

“Its clear to see that young people are becoming more aspirational when it comes to their homes and gardens. You could say they’re enjoying the finer things in life a lot earlier on.”

The study also shows that Britain’s over 55s are investing the least amount of money into their sheds (£306), compared with young adults, aged 18-24, who spend on average £420.

Looking at regional variations, those living in London are willing to fork out, on average, £403 to renovate their potting sheds. On the other hand, Geordies are investing the least money of all regions, £279.

Meanwhile, the research showed Scotland is fourth out of the 12 regions on the list, spending £349 on average on renovating our sheds.