Why haven’t you bin taking action on dog poo?

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FED-up dog owners are calling for more bins to be installed in and around Kirkintilloch.

Dog mess has been an ongoing issue in the area for months.

Earlier this year East Dunbartonshire Council launched a campaign to highlight the problem.

One dog owner said: “I agree it is disgusting to walk through dog dirt, but as a dog owner I see a distinct lack of bins in the area.

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“On many occasions I’ve had to bag the dog poo, carry it home, and then put it in my refuse bin.

“This is disgusting - not to mention very unhygienic.

“I think East Dunbartonshire Council would feel the benefit if they supplied more bins.”

The council has been targeting dog fouling hotspots following the launch of its ‘Where do you stand on dog poo?’ campaign in June.

People caught failing to pick up after their dogs will be issued with a £40 fixed penalty notice by the council’s environmental wardens.

The charge rises to £60 if not paid within 28 days.

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Ashay Ghai, deputy council leader and convener of housing and community services, said: “The council appreciates there is a problem with dog fouling across East Dunbartonshire, including Kirkintilloch, and we receive a high level of complaints.

“To address this we carried out a high profile campaign ‘Where do you stand on dog poo’? in June, which was deemed very successful.

“We now install multi-purpose bins for litter and dog fouling and we are currently carrying out a review of bins throughout the area.

“In addition to this, signage is erected on lamp posts and in areas where dog fouling is excessive, or if there is a lack of bins, then this is passed on to our roads and neighbourhood services for cleaning of the area or further provision of bins.”

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He added: “The council also gives away free poop-scoops that can be obtained from all libraries, police stations and council buildings.

“It’s a dog owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pet and dispose of its mess in a sensible manner.”

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