Windfarm policy in South Lanarkshire

PEOPLE living in parts of Clydesdale which already have or are about to have large windfarms will probably escape having any more of the huge turbines built near them.

However, other parts of our countryside might be dotted in the future by scores of mini-windfarms of between one and three turbines each.

This mixed picture has come from two recent developments in Clydesdale's renewable energy scene.

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The first is a new windfarm blueprint just adopted by South Lanarkshire Council which would see areas like Forth, Douglas and Abington, where huge turbines are already built or are in the process of being constructed, being spared any more in the future.

This is the thrust of the new windfarm policy agreed by the council which draws a map of our area, showing no-go areas for future wind turbine building plus the parts of Clydesdale where the council would encourage the development of new windfarms.

The second recent development indicates `small is beautiful'; small windfarms being dotted about the countryside rather than the large developments built to date.

This prospect is being held out by a private energy company,

e-Gen, which is about to tour Clydesdale, seeking potential sites.

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