Winning ways

A CUMBERNAULD couple have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with a giant party for 60 friends at the Garfield Hotel.

Bill and Nancy Winning have lived in the same cosy flat in Glenacre Road since arriving in Cumbernauld in 1966 – and have been ‘winners’ in love for more than six decades.

The couple who have no children but have a sizeable extended family met at a social club run by Bridgeton Parish Church.

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Love gradually blossomed and soon that very same church would be the venue for their wedding.

Retired plumber and foreman Bill is now 84 and Nancy, a former civil servant at Cumbernauld’s social security office is 86, but both remain young at heart.

Some of our readers will recognise the pair from St Mungo’s Parish Church where Nancy is an elder.

When our news team came to call on the day of their anniversary the atmosphere was mounting.

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Bill was writing his speech for the big night out and cards and flowers from well wishers were arriving in bulk.

So we took the opportunity to ask them at this crucial milestone what they believe to be the secret of a happy and successful marriage.

Nancy and Bill believe that time together is of ultra-importance but also recognise the value of being individuals who need a bit of ‘me time’ too.

“You can’t be too clingy with your husband.’’ said Nancy.

And Bill adds: “It’s true. Sometimes you have got to be able to do your own thing.’’