Work to make car park safe

Resurfacing work has now been carried out in a community centre car park which was proving to be problematic for people using the venue.

The car park at Greenfaulds community rooms had deteriorated prompting safety fears for those using the facility.

Councillor William Goldie was approached by members of the community about the problem.

He said: “Recently I had a couple of elderly residents who regularly use this facility contact me with concerns over the state of the car park at Greenfaulds Community rooms.

“One of the residents has mobility problems and could not use the main entrance of the building because of the poor condition of the tarmac.

“This facility is regularly used by the Greenfaulds Senior Citizens Group among other organisations.

“It is also shared with the local church.

“The ladies that I spoke to were fearful of tripping on the deteriorating surface.

Councillor Goldie got in touch with North Lanarkshire Council to request that work be carried out to improve the safety of the car park.

He added: “ I am delighted that this work was carried out almost immediately, making the facility a much safer place to visit.

“I would like to thank everyone involved in its repair.”

A North Lanarkshire Council spokesman confirmed they carried out an inspection on the car park. They said: “The council’s design and property services team was approached by Councillor Goldie about the car park and, following an inspection, work was carried out to resurface the area. “This will allow everyone using Greenfaulds community room safe access from the car park to the building. “