Yes voters invited to giant Glasgow rally

Independence campaigners from across North Lanarkshire are to march on Glasgow in an event to mark two years since the Scottish referendum.

Independence campigners refuse to give up on a second referendum. Pic: Steven Scott Taylor

They have already planned to muster outside Queen Street station at 2pm on Sunday, September 18, for the rally - which will take place in Glasgow Green.

And they stress that their aim on the day is to galvanise support for another vote on the country’s future.

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This is of course in light of the result of the European Union Referendum.

Organiser Dougie Hall said: “Since 2014, the issue of whether Scotland should be independent has never gone away but clearly events have placed it centre stage again.

“The need for those who support independence to build on the mass campaign that developed in 2014 will be the key to winning support for a second referendum.

“Events like the one on Sunday are part of that process. That is why we will be there and we are asking others to join us.”

Mr Hall stressed that local independence campaigners aimed to organise a series of events after the march to boost the campaign.

The vote for independence was defeated after 55 per cent of voters answered No to the question ‘Should Scotland become an independent country. However, a total of 51 per cent of voters in North Lanarkshire voted Yes.

Unofficial figures suggested that a total of 58 per cent of local voters had in fact voted for independence but No campaigners have disputed this account.