Yet more drama at Shieldhill Castle

Staff at Shieldhill Castle thought Christmas had finally arrived, but the rejoicing was short-lived as the reality of their situation set in.
Shieldhill Castle HotelShieldhill Castle Hotel
Shieldhill Castle Hotel

Two weeks ago we reported on the financial woes of the company who operate the exclusive retreat and wedding venue, and how staff had walked out after waiting eight weeks to be paid wages.

The Gazette revealed how one waitress, Jordan Doyle was due £673 and had resigned in disgust over the non-payment of her salary.

This week she told us she had received a personal cheque drawn on the account of the hotel’s boss, Mary Yuill, for her wages, but that no share of the tips had been included.

Three days later, the bombshell exploded when the bank returned the cheque marked ‘insufficient funds – please represent’. Jordan duly did so, and this time it was returned marked ‘refer to drawer’.

Jordan said: “How low can you get? While Mary Yuill sends out personal cheques to cover missing wages, she did so in the knowledge that she had no money in her account to cover them.

“Did she just think it was all going to go away and she could sit back, put her feet up, have a nice dinner, open her gifts, while the rest of us were forced to borrow money from family just so we could buy some gifts for our friends and families.

“What an absolutely disgusting and vile way to treat any human being by pretending they were finally getting what was due, and then pulling that rug from under them.”

We contacted Mary Yuill who runs the hotel to ask for her comments on the bounced cheques and her failure to pay staff. We received no response to our telephone calls or emails.