Your View: Clarkston parking strife goes on

Parking restrictions near Clarkston’s busy high street continue to dominate conversation on East Ren social media sites.

Last week, we printed a letter from former Clarkston BID chair Debra Clapham, questioning an earlier council suggestion that free parking may be made available above the main street shops, as well as on the layout and restrictions for Clarkston Halls car park.

The letter read: “How can the actions of the council be seen as other than a money making exercise?”

An ERC spokeswoman responded: “The car park above the shops is privately operated. The council undertook to explore with the operator reducing the charges. However, no financial agreement between the parties could be reached.”

She added: “The Clarkston car park, like many car parks, is laid out in a manner that enables vehicles and pedestrians to manoeuvre within it.

Parking beyond the bays reduces the ability of other vehicles to manoeuvre and can pose a risk to pedestrians. It is for these reasons that we have been enforcing the terms of the traffic regulation order.”

According to the council, the draft consultation on parking rules — published in April — “is at a stage where all objections and comments are being considered.

“A number of objections have been received and if the council is unable to satisfy the objectors a hearing in front of an independent reporter may be held.”

This week, we asked The Extra, and What’s On East Renfrewshire’s Facebook followers: are parking restrictions causing problems for Clarkston?

Commenting on our Facebook page, Yvonne Wallace told The Extra: “I rarely shop in Clarkston these days. Much easier to drive up to the Avenue or to, easy parking in both places.”

But Jen MacAskill would rather walk, and said: “I shop in Clarkston. As I am local I can walk there no problem. I agree with parking restrictions during peak hours as it causes less congestion and also is safer for drivers and pedestrians not to dodge parked cars.”

Richie Clark commented: “If lifting the parking restrictions helps keep shops in business then I’m all for it. It’s two lanes on both sides so why can’t the inside lane be used for parking? It keeps faster moving traffic away from the kerbs.”

Linda Mary added: “The disabled parking spaces at the train station are unsuitable for disabled people. They are positioned diagonally on a steep slope. They are not wide enough either.”

What do you think? Email your thoughts to Gillian (address above) and they could be used in next week’s paper.