Your view: East Ren recycling debate rages on

RECYCLING remains a hot topic following a story in last week’s Extra.

East Renfrewshire is rolling out its managed weekly collection system to the remainder of neighbourhoods in a bid to meet government targets by January 2014, and now recycles 54.3 per cent of waste.

However, a reader letter prompted debate over the way in which East Ren residents are asked to recycle, as Dr Jennifer Robertson called for wheelie bins, rather than the current bags and box system.

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An ERC spokesman responded: “We have not ruled out wheeled bin collections in the future but at present, cost and quality factors prevent us from doing so.”

Following last week’s story, more readers have shared concerns.

David Gemmell wrote: “The white recycling bags are forever blowing away and I’ve had to have numerous replacements. The green bag is emptied once a month and is always overflowing — rarely will you see the refuge collectors pick up any loose plastics. A wheelie bin would be a better and cleaner solution.”

Willie Campbell commented: “I believe there are a number of people who don’t recycle as much as they would due to the lack of facilities, especially decent bins. It would be beneficial to at least have the option.”

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Douglas Lawson added: “One has to question how serious the council are about recycling. When we reported a lost white sack, we were told that it could be six weeks before replacement.”

However, for Alex Webb, “the quality of recycling is much better in East Ren than in Glasgow.

“The problem with Glasgow is that you have two extra wheelie bins which take up space and are an eyesore.

“[ERC’S] current system is the best in Scotland, so why change?”

Reader panel:

Mairi Scanlon, from Newton Mearns, said:

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“The bin men never think to put the bags under the lids of bins or under the boxes, and every winter it is a free for all in the estate trying to find your own bags. The use of recycling bins would avoid this and I would suggest that the cost of the bins would be offset by the savings in having to replace bags that are blown away.”

Stephanie Hendry, from Giffnock, said:

“I used to live in Glasgow and found the way they recycled far more efficient. In East Ren the containers are not substantial enough. I have to collect plastic strewn across my back garden and the street on bin day. I understand that there is a cost involved but it would be money well spent. I would even be happy to pay.”

Suzi Bain, from Newton Mearns, said:

“I’ve previously complained to the council. I watch the bin men pick up the paper bag, blue box ,green bag (all carefully separated) and throw them all in a single blue bin. I used to recycle everytime I could. But after the umpteenth paper bag blowing away and lost lids for my blue box, the amount I recycle is low.”

Susan Collins, from Newton Mearns, said:

“I asked ERC if it would be possible to have a wheelie bin for recycling as I have no space but I was told no, it wasn’t cost effective! There is no space inside so the blue box and white and green bags have to go in the garden, where the box fills up with water. Bins would be such a welcome improvement!”

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