Met Office releases long range Christmas weather forecast for Glasgow

Will Glasgow see any snow this Christmas? We have the breakdown of the newest weather updates.

The Met Office has updated their weather forecast for the coming weeks today, and it includes a forecast for Christmas Day.

There is a chance Glasgow could see snow before the month is out, and from what the bookies are saying there’s a good chance we could see a white Christmas.

UK long range weather forecast

(14 - 28 December)

This period is forecast to be unsettled. Glasgow can expect more wet and cold weather.

There is a risk of more stormy conditions arriving also. In more settled areas of the region there is a higher chance of frost and fogs when skies are clear overnight.

Temperatures will be on the milder side for most of this period, and will be broken up by some short lived colder spells.

The colder spells will give us an increased chance of snow during this period, meaning we could see a white Christmas.

William Hill recently announced that they’ve slashed their odds of a white Christmas.

The forecast for Glasgow this week is set to be more of the same wintry conditions.

Tuesday 30 November

Tomorrow will have outbreaks of heavy and persistent rain through the afternoon and evening. The weather will be drier in some areas in the evening.

Maximum temperatures of 10°C.

Wednesday to Friday (1-3 December)

Glasgow is forecast to have some bright weather as the week progresses, it will be accompanied by more light wind and showers.

Thursday will be mainly bright and chilly, until later in the day when snow and rain are forecast to make an appearance.

Friday will be much of the same with more wintry showers on the way.

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