Toilets row at primary school in Cumbernauld is nearing its resoloution

Primary school children in Cumbernauld caught up in a health and safety row over their calibre of their toilets have been given good news.
Westfield PrimaryWestfield Primary
Westfield Primary

Westfield Primary had been at the centre of a clash which has led to claims that some youngsters themselves have expressed their strong reluctance to use the facilities in the ageing premises, arguing that they are not fit for purpose.

A number of appalled parents have approached Councillor Alan Masterton about the issue, amidst claims that North Lanarkshire Council has been ignoring their concerns for years.

However, it would now seem that the authority is ready to put measures in place to get provide much-needed renovations after a building warrant was acquired.

And it has been stressed too that parents will be kept in the loop throughout after the Head of Education Derek Brown said he was keeping tabs on the matter.

Councillor Masterton said: "As far as I am aware, these toilets have not had a significant upgrade since the school was first opened more than 40 years ago.

"I know that the current condition of the toilets causes anxiety for some pupils and is not a particularly pleasant space within the school.

"NLC have promised on a number of occasions that the toilet facilities would be upgraded without much progress.

"However, I have been following this up again recently with the council and I have been told that the pupil toilet upgrade is included within the council’s current capital programme and that a building warrant has actually just been obtained .

"I am told that the Technical & Design Team within the council are preparing a tender to be issued and will further advise when an award has been made

"I have also been told that the Head of Education will continue to review the timescale to complete the tender award process to ensure there is no further delays in mobilising this project.

A council spokesperson confirmed: “We are treating this matter as a priority and work is expected to start soon. "There have been issues with procuring the works but we are doing all we can to overcome this.

"We will inform parents directly with the latest developments.”