Violence flared at wedding reception of Uddingston man with bride groom and best man thrown in cells

A wedding couple spent their wedding night in the cells after their wedding celebration descended into a embarrassing pitched battle after the bride attacked and injured her own mother.

Her new husband Eamonn Goodbrand and his brother Kieran, their best man, both viciously assaulted wedding guest David Boyd and leaving him severely injured. The best man then attacked another guest, injuring him as well. After police arrived to break up the fight, the main players in the wedding party were all arrested.

Professional fighter Eamonn, 33, who was sporting a head injury when he was freed, gave an address in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, as did his 26-year-old wife and his 28-year-old brother. CCTV footage which reportedly captured the fight spilling out of the wedding venue onto the lawn outside, persuaded the trio’s legal team to negotiate guilty pleas to a reduced number of charges at Livingston Sheriff Court.

Claire Goodbrand pled guilty on indictment to assault to injury but not guilty to a more serious assault to severe injury. She admitted repeatedly seizing her mother by the hair and punching and kicking her on the head and body, causing her to fall to the ground and strike her head at The Vue wedding venue in the Bathgate Hills

She also admitted punching and kicking her mum Cherry-Ann to the head and body whilst she was on the ground, striking her on the head with a shoe and seizing her by the neck and restricting her breathing. Eamonn and Kieran both pled guilty to repeatedly punching and kicking David Boyd on the head and body while acting together. The charge states that they caused him to fall to the ground and continued their attack “to severe injury” as he lay there. In addition, Kieran Goodbrand admitted assaulting Garry Brown by punching and kicking him on the head and body to his “severe injury” at the reception on June 24 2019.

A fourth family member, Brendan Goodbrand, had his not guilty pleas to two assault charges accepted by the Crown after his alibi that he had left the venue before trouble broke out turned out to be true. Sheriff Martin Edington called for criminal justice social work reports on all three accused before passing sentence. He adjourned the case until April 29.