Popular Edinburgh pizza restaurant Civerinos to open 2 Glasgow venues

Popular Edinburgh pizza restaurant Civerinos has announced plans to open two new venues in Glasgow.

Civerinos, famous for its wood fired pizzas and modern Italian street food with secret classic family recipes passed down through generations, will open the venues in the coming months.

Originally opened in 2014 by Michele and Olivia Civeria, the Civerinos portfolio now boasts its original Italian-dining room venue at Hunter Square, Edinburgh, as well as three Civerinos Slice restaurants on Forrest Road, Portobello Promenade and in Corstorphine.

Now, the world-famous Edinburgh pizza and Italian street food restaurant - dubbed the “coolest place to eat in Edinburgh” by GQ - is ready to expand to Glasgow, with two new locations for Slice restaurants secured and the hunt on to find a third venue for a pop-up this summer.

Civerinos Slice venues are neighbourhood, New York style pizza spots, serving by the slice as well as dishing out full size pizzas to sit-in or go.

Civerinos is coming to Glasgow.Civerinos is coming to Glasgow.
Civerinos is coming to Glasgow.

Although the locations of the permanent locations are yet to be revealed, Civerinos is looking for independent Glaswegian businesses who’d be willing to host a pizza pop-up with it this summer - contact director of operations Mark De’Mar at [email protected] to register your interest.

Civerinos CEO Michele Civeria said: “We’ve been trying to get to Glasgow since 2020 and after a few stumbles along the way (and a whole pandemic) - I’m delighted to now get started on opening our west coast Slice venues.

“We’re looking for a friendly location to host us until we’re fully in brick and mortar so that we can host all our friends, family and people of Glasgow - come visit us for a slice when we open.”

For more information on Civerinos and Civerinos Slice visit: http://www.civerinos.com and follow on social media, @Civerinos_Slice and @Civerinos on Instagram and @CiverinosFoodClub and @CiverinosSlice on Facebook.

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