A sun lounger, a water fountain and a tipi - these are some of the summer products available for your dog

B&M are selling a sun dog lounger (Photo: B&M)B&M are selling a sun dog lounger (Photo: B&M)
B&M are selling a sun dog lounger (Photo: B&M)

The summer months are enjoyable for humans, with ample opportunity for cool drinks and relaxing in the garden. But shouldn’t our furry friends also be able to enjoy the sun?

Shops and online retailers have risen to the challenge of providing perfect summer products for your pooch.

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A sun lounger for your dog

One of these products comes from B&M who are offering customers the chance to pick up a sun lounger for their dog at the low price of £15.99.

According to the B&M website, the Barkhaus Raised Dog Bed helps keep your pet cool by aiding them to keep their body temperature steady.

The product description also states the bed “helps to avoid potential breeding grounds for parasites and insects that can be found on conventional floor beds.”

Available in both green and grey, the bed is around one metre long and 80cm high - perfect for most dogs.

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Cooling mat

At Aldi you can buy a pressure-activated cooling mat for £4.99.

The mat, which is available in several sizes, kicks into action when a pet sits down, with the gel inside staying below the surrounding temperature.

There is no need to freeze the mat or dunk it in water and it doesn’t need to be connected to an electrical source.

A dog-operated water fountain

We all know the relief you feel when you are desperate for a drink on a hot day and spot a water fountain.

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Now there’s a doggy water fountain that spurts out fresh water at “the push of a paw” so that dogs no longer need to rely on the warm, stale water in their bowl on a hot day.

The fountain needs to be connected to a hose and can be found in B&M for £6.99.

A luxury pet tipi

For those looking to treat their pet, the gift site notonthehighstreet.com has a perfect pet tipi on offer for £54.

The tipi, just under a metre high, is perfect for small dogs and cats and gives your pet a place to escape the sun. It’s also big enough to fit over a favourite bed or blanket.

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The product description states: “This tipi is an ideal gift for the stylish pet owner, who wants to give their best buddy a unique little home to call their own.”

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Yorkshire Evening Post.