Bum bags and vegan BBQs: this summer's biggest shopping trends according to Amazon

Artificially intelligent smart speakers and dog sunglasses are set to join sun cream and flip flops as summer essentials, according to a report looking into British online buying habits.

The #SmileItsSummer report commissioned by Amazon highlights a number of key spending trends with smart travel gadgets, vegan barbecue products and dog summer clothing dominating the report.

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Here is a rundown of the top trends and products that will dominate the Great British summer.

Adventure sandals

Teva Sandals have enjoyed a rise in sales in the past year (Photo: Amazon)

The #SmileItsSummer report suggests that combining fashion with practicality is set to become the norm.

The study notes that sales of adventure flip flops Tevas sandals have increased 150% year on year, while Ecco sandals have increased by 200%.

Dog sunglasses and cooling coats

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Eye-protection for dogs are becoming increasginly popular (Photo: Amazon)

It's not just humans who need protection from glaring sun rays - dog owners can now protect their beloved pooch from the sun with Doggles, also known as dog sunglasses.

The report notes that these have become "the new, must-have accessory to protect pets from UV rays".

The study also finds that sales in dog cooling coats have risen by 109% in the last 12 months, while pet bicycle trailers are up 233% year-on-year.

Inflatable hot tubs

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Inflatable hot tubs are the new must-have item for garden owners (Photo: Amazon)

The report notes that Brits are pivoting towards 'flip-living', "where customers bring the inside out and treat the garden as another ‘room’".

In particular, homeowners are looking to add some luxury to their outdoor area with the addition of an inflatable hot tub. Sales of the pop-up hot tubs have increased by 490%.

Bum bags

Bum bags are making a comeback (Photo: Shutterstock)

Bum bags are set to make a comeback, with sales of the fabric pouch rising 989% year on year.

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The previously ridiculed but practical product is set to become a must-have fashion accessory according to the study.

Vegan barbecue products and exotic condiments

British buyers are starting to introduce exotic condiments such as kimchi to their barbecue set-up (Photo: Shutterstock)

The traditional barbecue is currently undergoing a makeover, if the #SmileItsSummer's report findings are anything to go by.

According to Amazon, sales of coconut cheese, vegan burgers and vegan sausages on AmazonFresh have risen dramatically over the past 12 months.

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Humble bottles of ketchup and barbecue sauce are being snubbed for more exotic condiments with Korean condiment Kimchi and Thai staple Sriracha seeing a steep rise in sales.

Smart travel gadgets

Smart gadgets, such as the Amazon Echo Dot, are rising in popularity (Photo: Amazon)

"The travel industry is on the brink of a second revolution" according to the Amazon report, with smart travel gadgets set to become a staple for jetsetters.

Products like the Amazon Echo Dot can now be utilised by travellers to purchase train and plane tickets, and serve as a mobile reminder for travel essentials like passports and travel tickets.